Life Coaching


I’ve been a certified life coach for over ten years.  Prior to becoming a full-time, bestselling author, I was in charge of Risk Management for a Fortune 500, overseeing one of the largest written premiums in the company and a large staff.  During my time there, I was known for my top tier employee engagement scores and the number of promotions coming from my team.  Plainly said, I know what it takes to develop people and bring out the best in them.

Leadership to me is caring about people as people and not a means to an end.  Employees are far more important than the bottom line.  When I found out individual within that company lacked integrity, I left my prestigious position and haven’t looked back.  That philosophy is at the heart of my coaching business.  I’ll take the time to get to know you as an individual and help assess your strengths and weaknesses so together, we can craft a strategy unique to you and your needs. An effective strategy that will drive you forward toward your goal but also be broken down in to manageable and actionable steps.

An exceptional life coach embodies the following:

  • They care deeply about people.
  • They have incredibly high personal standards and ambitions.
  • They have a high level of self-knowledge.

I may not be perfect but I’m committed to life-long learning and self-development and have been very successful in all my endeavors.  I walk the walk.  I’d love to assist you on your own journey to exceed your goals.

Life Coaching sessions are $50 per hour with a FREE 1/2 hour initial consultation.