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As an author hungry for success, you care deeply about what your editor can do for YOU! I could waste your valuable time extolling my virtues and accolades, but why bore you to tears? Instead, let me PROVE it to you. Fill out the contact form below for a FREE sample edit.

Author Services I offer

I will work with your manuscript in MS Word using the Track Changes feature. Every single fix I suggest can be accepted or rejected by you. I take the time to understand and recognize your writer’s voice, so my editing won’t cleanse “you” from the work. If anything, it will help uncover your true voice that may be weighed down under the errors I usually find.

I’m also really empathetic and kind so if you’re also a thin-skinned creative type like I am, you’ll be in good hands. Your work is confidential and will never be shared in any way. Your pen names will never be disclosed and I’m happy to sign an NDA for any author I work with.


Proofreading / Copy Editing

In the basic proofreading step, I will:
• Find any mis-spelled words, including homophones (which spell-checkers miss)
• Standardize capitalization
• Correct punctuation
• Correct factual inconsistencies
• Ensure references within the work are consistent
• … and more!

Developmental Editing / Re-writing

When copyediting, I will:

  • Correct subject-verb agreement
  • Fix repetitive word use
  • Strengthen verbs
  • Reduce overuse of common qualifiers such as “very” and “really”
  • Question overuse of adverbs
  • Find plot holes
  • Re-structure confusing sentences
  • Ensure dialogue exchanges are clear
  • Correct weak characterization
  • … and more!

Beta Reading

When beta reading, I will:

  • Read your entire manuscript and return a one-page report regarding plot holes, inconsistencies and story strengths and weaknesses. I specialize in the romance genre. I will also fix any glaring typos and grammatical errors that I find while reading but won’t perform a full line edit.

What my clients have to say

“I love to work with Tami. Her edits make my writing so much stronger and better, without interfering with my personal voice. While she obviously knows her grammar and spelling rules, her real strength lies in making suggestions for a punchy and riveting writing style.”

Marion Kummerow

Bestselling Author of Women's Historical Fiction

“Tami Stark is an incredible editor! After several attempts at getting a contract for my romance novels I decided to hire her for a full edit for a new historical romance I wrote. She fixed my passive voice in places, perfected the grammar, reworked any weak sentences and turned back a beautiful novel! I submitted it for publishing and within one week got offered a publishing deal! I’m certain her editing played a huge part in the acceptance and I am so grateful I decided to hire her. She’s worth every penny and then some!”

Kate Rispens

Bestselling Author of Historical Romance

“Tami has been editing my current series of police procedurals and I’m thrilled with her work and value her input. I’ve found Tami to be prompt, methodical and her attention to detail is invaluable. I would not hesitate in recommending her to any of my author friends.”

Jay Nadal

Bestselling Author of Crime Fiction

“Tami Stark is a top editor for more than just her excellent grammar skills. As a successful author herself, she has the experience with writing and publishing to help steer authors toward producing work that is well-received by readers and highly marketable. Tami takes your work, and while keeping your voice, pumps up your writing and makes your story shine. Even when I think I’ve produced my best manuscript, I’m always shocked and delighted to get back her edits and see all catches she’s made that improve my story and make it something I can proudly publish. Her ability to craft more powerful sentences, catch plot holes or inconsistencies, and polish my work to a sparkle is why she’ll be my go-to editor for life. Your book baby is in incredible hands if you choose Tami Stark.”

Scarlett Sincaid

USA Today Bestselling Author

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